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Our Burrito Takeaway Menu: DesBurrito is a mexican cuisine outlet and it produces a variety of appetizing dishes. One of the main factors that contribute to the growing popularity of this burrito takeaway store has to be the strong menu the outlet has. The quality of food produced in Armagh and the value one receives in exchange of his money is fabulous. While burritos & burrito bowls are ideal for a meal if you need something lighter we also have power bowls. Everyone can even choose the filling you want for his tacos. Nachos, burrito & burrito bowl with ingredients like jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream and salsa top it off.  Drinks and smoothies such as oasis and jarritos are available to lighten the mood.  So if you are anywhere close to Armagh and you feel like having burritos come & visit us!

About DesBurrito

The fundamental principle at Desburrito is that has been followed since it’s inception is cheap prices and quality food. This policy has been maintained since the beginning of the store and has never been compromised. The quality and the standard of the store extends to it’s hospitality and it’s services. It all starts from the kitchen where the raw materials and ingredients are hand picked to produce the remarkable taste that one associates with store. The service at DesBurrito is easily one of the best available in Armagh. A person can even choose to prepare his dishes with the fillings he desires. DesBurrito. Our burrito takeaway store offers home delivery, With a very easy to use web platform, customers can order whatever they want without any hassle .

Restaurant location DesBurrito

Find Us At Armagh: Our special location and the directions listed on our online platform. Our address is 62 Upper English St, Armagh BT61 7LG. But if you don't feel like getting out and about all of our delicious dishes are available for delivery straight to your door! All of these factors combined with the superb quality of dishes contribute in making us the best burrito takeaway store in Armagh. 

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